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DML: Block - Whatchamacallsit

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WOO! Finally here. This is VERY complex when in words, but fairly easy in action. Be prepared for a long one... here we go.

Sets: 1!
Members: Divisible into 2 rows/columns.

First, perform a follow the leader in a zig zag pattern up and then down 2 rows/columns. The first 16 sets will show you the exact selection pattern. This can be done either horizontally or vertically. Next, fill in the leader to the empty space created. Finally, rotate the rows/block 2 times either direction using the [ or ] shortcut. Any less or more and you will encounter collisions. Feel free to allow the block to move, as well, for additional effect.

You're done! I included examples for rows, full block, and block portions. Remember, the first 16 sets shows the FTL selection pattern. This pattern can be inverted, shortened, etc, as long long as the zig zag remains.

See my show "To Be the Best" for an example of a DOUBLE whatchamacallsit.
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