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DML: Block - Criss-Cross

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Step 1: Start off with four perfectly square blocks. (Doesn't have to necessarily 4 x 4 like in the example.)

Step 2: (This might be hard to explain, but here goes). Combine the four blocks so that a larger perfect square is formed. However, make sure that the spacing between the marchers on the edges of the smaller squares facing inside the larger block are half the distances between the marchers in the rest of the block. (IOW, your smaller blocks stay the same size, but they're just close to each other.)

Step 3: The smaller blocks will either move clockwise or counter-clockwise inside the larger block (you choose). For example, if I move the form counter-clockwise, I'll move the smaller block on the lower-right to the exact spot where the upper-right block is. Do that for every block (upper-right block to upper left; upper-left block to lower-left; etc.) Your next set should look EXACTLY the same as the one before.

I know this description sounds very confusing, so comment me for any questions! (Or
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