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DML: Spiral

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-sorry. forgot it needed to be expidition-
(Warning!: Long Directions)
I made this in my show In the Twister as a move that can easily be transitioned in and out of. needs any multiple of 4.
1- start with 2 identical blocks,
2- Rotate the second line from the bottum one click toward the inside and move it to where the bottum marcher is in the bottum line. Continue with this on the other rows rotating based on position in the block
3- in the same set, move the forms to the center.
4- form a circle with the 4 closest to the center on the center line of the form and move indevidual lines to correct interval with their member in the circle.
5- rotate lines opposite to each other starting with 3 clicks, then 2, then one, and use the arc tool to make the bands do a spiral effect.
6- Repeat 5 (you already have arcs)
-the sets you see after the spiral is made are examples of different effects you can use-
Enjoy Responsibly and Good Luck =)
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