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DML: Raindrop+Evaporate

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Drill Move Library
Raindrop & Evaporation Drills
marchers- enough to make a decently long line.
Minimum # of sets- depends on how many marchers you place in each 'raindrop' sequence- that is, how many marchers you skip over in the original line before starting a new 'drop.'

The raindrop drill is a simple sequence that can be used for fake-hits or to fill some space during that big loud section where you don't really want to stop moving, but you still want a huge drill presence. It is called the raindrop drill because the marchers moving quickly front field relative to the company front look like raindrops falling from a cloud. The reverse of this move is called an evaporation drill. To execute this sequence, first form a company front far enough backfield that your marchers can move forward continuously for at least five or six sets without issue. Based on the number of people in your line, start selecting marchers- every fourth, fifth, or sixth person seems to work well. move the entire line forwa
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