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DML: infinite FTL part1

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Intermediate level
sets need: at least 2
marchers need two lines with the same #preferable odd # and one odd # line of equal or greater length ( must be odd)
Directions: curve the outer two equal lines out, then select evey other marcher in the center line and rotate it 3 times then select the remaining marchers from that line and rotate them 3 times in the opposite direction makeing an X make sure the two equal lines you made link up with the tipsa of the X
next move select any marcher preferably the center, and hold Ctrl and go down the line selecting eery marher one by one in the direction you want them to move then (with all of them selected press the F key once.
to keep it going start a new set and with out unselectin the marchers press F again
My figures hurt now.
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