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DML: Diamond Cutter

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The famous move used by the Cavaliers in 1999 and 2000.

Marchers: preferably 64, but any multiple of 16 will work
Sets: 16 for the basic cutter, 20 including the *all spin*

Basically, we have pods of four spinning in counter-clockwise circles. The thing is, they are in a diamond shape, which equals awesome. The main issue you're going to have is your marcher must be in a perfect square going into the sets, or the entire drill will be slightly off. This can be remedied in the following sets, but it is still a small issue.

In the Cavaliers shows, the diamond moved forward a bit during the cutter part, so I put that in. It isn't vital, but it adds a bit of drama.

Summary: Fun move, very dramatic, also very annoying, since everything must be perfectly aligned for this to be pulled off.
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