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DML - Exploding Box.

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Number of performers - 25 (horns or guard)

Basically, you have an outer ring of people, an inner ring of people, and a soloist in the center. One of the "rings" simply expands outward, and the other rotates 45 degress while expanding. At the end of the move, the "inner" people are on the outside, and the "outer" people are on the inside. The demonstration shows two variations- one where the inner ring does the rotation, and one where the outer ring does the rotation.

Note that you may have to tune the amount that each group expands by to get it to work. When it works the two rings of people will just barely miss each other when they cross. The crossing part appears much faster than it actually is due to the optical illusion caused by the contrary motion- the rest of the move appears to be a slower expansion, even though no one ever changes speed.

The demo shows the move forward at full speed, then slowed down in reverse, for both the horns and the guard. This type of explosive move is ideal for sudd
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