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DML- The Appalachian...

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The Dissolving Company Front from Appalachian Spring (1987 Cadets).

Number of Performers: Any (the more the better)
Number of Sets: 3 to 32 depending on how much detail you give the scatter.

This move uses an open ended number of sets- teh more sets you use the more detailed you can get- i.e. the contrabass who waits until the last second to go for the reformation.

I've used an extreme example here using 16 sets, but I've done it in as little as 3 if I have th ewhole front break at the same time. On each set where the front actually exists, move the company front foward the same number of clicks (I used 10 in this case), and on each set have another group break out into a scatter. Once the entire line is scattered, gradually reassemble the front.
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