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DML: 2 Corner Implosion

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Number of Marchers: any square number.
Number of sets: Varies on number of marchers

Ok, ill do my best to describe this. First set up the marchers in a square with the marchers on and in between the yard line (turn on 4-1 interval) and 4 step behind each other. For the first set, you move the marchers on the 2 corners down or up 3 steps respectively. The second set, the two corners move down (and up) 4 steps and in 2 steps. At the same time, the 2 people on the outside move down (or up) 3 steps. This patter repeats till the last set when you just move them up 1 and over 2.

If you still need help with this, leave me a comment and i will try to help you.
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