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Missing but not forgotten

Performed by: Shnp
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Through the towering streets
Grey flecked with the Sun
I am fallen and tumble
Endomed in snow glass orbed Alice eyes
America is dreaming of a restless Autumn
Snow abides
When I saw you
My heart arose

Royal black and blue I am not lost
Yet little star
In the doorway I catch a sign
Shuddering still
Oh there is too much, there is too much
And can I? And I cannot, cannot...
Snow abides
When I saw you
My heart arose - ecstatic butterfly
Slipping away
Waving goodbye
Leaving quicksilvered fire
In pools on your way

When I exit and I recall your eyes
Leaden depth and dark
Hinting at space
Oh the richness
Too much of everything
And unborn uncreate
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