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The Orange Ribbon

Performed by: Great Lakes Regiment
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About the Show
It has been too long since I have released a show.

This show is in dedication to my older brother who has beaten Leukemia twice in the past two years, and to anyone else on this site impacted my cancer.

Each color has a meaning:
-Red: Leukemia is a blood cancer.
-Teal Flags: He received a stem cell transplant and I was his donor. Teal represents stem cell donors and recipients.
-Orange: Orange is the color for Leukemia.
Other notable symbols in the show:
-The blood drop and LLS represent the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that helped our family so much through that time.
-The DNA Strand; because of the transplant we now share some more DNA.
-A heart for love that helps get us through this.

Enjoy. And cancer sucks.
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