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Performed by: The Regiment MidBrass
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About the Show
Mellophones and Baritones are so hard to tell apart in this game! Therefore I propose a challenge. There is one mellophone and 63 baritones in this drill. The mellophone begins just above the number 50 and the baritones are gradually added throughout. At the end, all 64 marchers are lined up and one is a mellophone. If you kept track of the mellophone player, post to my wall which number you think he is (going left to right, with the left-most marcher being number 1). The first person to get it right OR the closest person within 72 hours will get an award on my favourite show of theirs. You have until July 2nd at midnight central time.

(In the rare event of a tie, an award will be given to a show for both players.)
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