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DML Pass-Through Rotation

Performed by: DML
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For the DML:

This is what I call a "Pass-Through Rotation"

Sets: 1-2 depending on pattern
Difficulty to make: easy-medium
Difficulty IRL: Hard-Extreme

Basically what happens is it is a pass-through while rotating. This can result in a pretty awesome looking move. There can be many variants to make really cool stuff. How do you do it?

1. take a block, preferably being an even # X even # as it works best like that.

2. before rotating it, trade sets with every diagonal pair of marchers. Only do this once per marcher.

3. there will be marcher on the ends that do not switch. Switch them around with the others that dont move, only once.

4. Rotate in either direction only half way. This makes sure there are no run-throughs. this is a pass-through not a run-through rotation you know!

There can be many different patterns made, have fun making some!
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