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DML: My Kind of Blocks

Performed by: Marching Wolfpack
Set 0
About the Show
From the Cavaliers 2005 show, My Kind of Town.
Number of Marchers: any multiple of 4 (64 recommended)
Number of Sets: 8
Have the marchers in 2 parallelograms with rows of 4 marchers each near the back of the field with 4 step left to right spacing, 6 step front to back spacing, offset vertically by 3 steps. As they meet, the lines pivot around, with the right block moving first, the left block second, and each pair of lines joins together to form a line of 8. As they meet up, they move 8 steps left per set, forming a new parallelogram. The upper parallelograms move over 8 steps and down 4 steps per set, the lower parallelogram moves 8 steps left per set.
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