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My Mind,My Heart,MySoul

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mvt 2 - Heart
My heart is what keeps me *heart beating*

Originality, tell me, is there anything more attractive?

Being you and not craving that one day you'll be a part of the society

I rely on me, not on the identity of my brother nor my sister

I don't have to differ, I just got to be. That thought alone sets me free

I don't have to laugh just beacuse, I don't have to last when I had enough. I don't need to dress just impress, I don't need to prove that I'm the best. I don't need to act bad or good to attract people, I don't need to be rich or poor to bee seen as equal.

I simply don't have to act when I'm playing myself #thatsoriginality


PEACE.LOVE.Regiement of Rogue
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