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DML: Spiral "Shortcut"

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Sorry Joe hahaha

Number of Marchers: any number divisible by 3 or 4.

Number of sets: How ever many marchers are in each line determines the number of sets. If you have 6 in each line, then the complete spiral would take 6 sets, 8 would be 8, etc...

First, after determining how many marchers you wish to use, form lines that all point at a center spot.

Next, you would select the marchers at the ends of each line (closest to the center) and rotate them either left or right. *Note: be sure to keep the direction at which you rotate the marchers is consistent throughout all sets.

Continue this pattern. Remember to select the marchers you already rotated and rotate them WITH THE ONES THAT ARE BEING ROTATED NEXT IN LINE. This is key. Also be sure not to accidentally rotate the next group without starting a new set.

For the most optimal results, only hit the rotate key ("[" or "]") ONCE. Twice is pushing it. If you rotate the form with three clicks of the rotate key each set, the end looks scattered.
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