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DML - Making Squares

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This is a tutorial how to make a perfectly square block. Now it will have even front-to-backs and left-to-rights if you use square numbers (4,9,16,25,36,49,64,81...) but still can be done with other numbers of marchers. It will not look as good though


first of all place your block with the front-left marcher on the front hash of the left side 30 yard line. Then take the back-right marcher and place him on the back hash of the left side 45 yard line. select everyone in the block (remember the one on the 45) and just hit B!

When you watch this, the back right marcher does not appear on the back hash mark. thats completely normal due to the published show being warped for perspective reasons. If designing drill, it will be fine.

its easy... just watch :)
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