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DML: Box Tear and Fix

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This is a cool move I've seen floating around in a few shows. NOT my creation, but I didn't see a DML archive on it, so I decided to make one.

All you need is any multiple of 4, arranged in an even box (usually having more than 32 in the box is a good number).

Step 1: Select every other performer in a line, and shrink that selected line into half of one of the box's sides. Then, move that half-line into the middle (which side you put it is up to you), without rotating it, making it parallel to the line it came from. Repeat for every line.

Step 2: Make a new set. Take one of the small lines you moved in the previous set, bring it back to size, and move it to the line opposite from the one it originated. Repeat for all other lines. Trimming lines may be necessary.

Also, after completing Step 1, on the next set, do Step 2 to the small lines (edited in Step 1) and Step 1 on the large lines (the ones left unedited in Step 1) for a cool double-tear/fix effect.

Good luck and enjoy!
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