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DML-Frameworks End Block

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This show is a demonstration for the block that has a spiral that forms out of it. I hope this show goes into the DML if not share it please! it is a great move...
So the move works with the first set the outside ring does a follow-the-leader in a circle, and so does the 2nd innermost ring, but in the other direction. The 4 inner 2x2 blocks do a rotation with one of the marchers going off in the direction of the spiral. after that it is a follow the leader (watch multiple times if needed to see how the line goes) for a couple of sets where then the outermost ring gets taken in on the spiraling follow the leader... You can continue the move for as long as you want, even when it is one big circle at the end! Dont trust my ending (after the main move) though it is not accurate. I hope you think that this explanation isnt too bad, but hopefully you guys use it! Enjoy!
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