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DML: 4 Block Pull

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Set 0
About the Show
Number of marchers: Any
-multiples of 4 will end up with groups of the same size
-non-multiples of 4 will end up with groups of different sizes (Ex: 7x7 block becomes 9, 12, 12, and 16)
Number of moves: 1

The Marching Wolfpack's signature move. It works on any form with a 2x2 spacing. Divide the form into 4 overlapping groups at 4x4 intervals (alternating rows and columns). In this show, they are represented by the 4 different sections.

Then, "pull" the form apart, with each subgroup moving THE SAME DISTANCE in a different cardinal direction. Going back to the example block, A MUST move perpendicular to B and D, and opposite of C. This will result in no collisions.
Instrumentation was chosen to have the greatest contrast between sections, so the subgroups are visible.
Again, this works on any form with a 4x4 spacing, so it will be shown on 3 different forms: a block, a rectangle, and a parallelogram.
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