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DML: The Whirlygig

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Set 0
About the Show
Marchers Required: 64
Number of sets: 1

Start with a 4 step by 4 step block. The big block is made up of smaller blocks. 4 4x4 and 16 2x2 blocks. Likewise, the 4x4 blocks are made up of 4 2x2 blocks each. Rotate every 2x2 block twice clockwise (180 degrees). Play it, and it should look like the individual blocks shrink, then expand. Then, take all 4 4x4 blocks and rotate them once (90 degrees) counter clockwise. Now you should see the smaller blocks rotating instead of shrinking and growing. Then, take the 4x4 blocks, and move them one position over, counterclockwise. IT IS NOT A ROTATION. If you rotate, the move doesn't work. You cycle the blocks so that each marcher's position in the 4x4 block doesn't change. Te top left 4x4 goes to the bottom left. The bottom left 4x4 goes to the bottom right etc.
Lastly, fix the block so that it matches the first set of the move.
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