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DML: Xtraordinary Block

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From the Cavaliers 2011 show: Xtraordinary.
Number of marchers: Any multiple of 4
Number of sets: 8 for one row, add one set for each additional row. I used 8 rows, and 15 sets.
This is a really cool way of "flipping" a block left to right. The rows rotate into a vertical line with a one step spacing, and back again. Then they separate into large vertical lines.

To make the shallow diagonal, the bottom marcher is three steps below and six steps over from the top marcher.

Note: In the original, they leave every count, while in mine, they leave every two. This method uses fewer sets, since it requires fewer midsets.

This will run twice, once with all 8 rows at full speed, once slowly with only two rows and holds at every set.
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