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DML: Spin Cycle Block

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Number of marchers: 64
Number of sets: 10
Adapted from the 2003 Cavaliers show, Spin Cycle. An 8x8 block is turned into four lines of 16 by condensing lines of 4 with frequent pass-throughs. Essentially, a line steps off every other set. The first move, they travel one yard line, and shift 2 steps towards the outside of the block to allow for the pass through. On the following sets, they travel two yard lines per set, until they approach the line they stop at, which may require slower moves, depending on the line. Upon arrival, the marchers fill into a line of 16, with a 1 step spacing. The four marchers in the middle rotate in a box until the last set, where they finally depart for their lines. This means the last "squads" to leave are only lines of 3.
The first time, the move will run at full speed, and the second time will be slowed down.
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