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DML: Crown Cube

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Made for the Drill Move Library.

Marchers Needed: 64
Sets Used: 2 (minimum)
The horizontal and vertical spacing is 4 steps. The diagonal is 3 by 3.
Two of the spots have two people on it. The second set shows where these two spots are.

1. To get to the final set, the easiest way is to ghost the vertical lines (G) but not the corners, so that you are left with two rhombi.
2. If the spot has two marchers, make sure you only select one of them to be ghosted and the other to be not-ghosted.
3. When you only see two rhombi, you can move these rhombi to their final positions with ease.
4. After you get the rhombi in their final positions, move them elsewhere on the field so that you can see all of the ghosted marchers. (You'll see why you wanted to do this step.)
5. Unghost the marchers (press G again).
5a. If you didn't do step 4, it's gonna be messy since some used-to-be ghosts are on top or under the non-ghosts and MML can't tell which one you're selecting.
6. Keep the rods together and move the
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