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Zero shows to go!

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-26 shows from the Aplhabet
-From A > Z
-22 are frontpage
-Taking more than 10 months of working
-Thanks for more than 7100 views of this series
-Thanks for more than 340 compliments on this series
-Thanks for the 19 favorites from this series
-Thanks for the average showscore of 8,2
-Going from Star to Hall Of Fame

This is my last show of the A-> Z-Series, so I have Zero shows to go! Thanks again, for all the compliments and scores! It was awesome to do!

And for the last time ‘Enjoy my 26th show (Z) in the ‘A->Z-series’

Thanks for watching and please tell me what you think about this final show and the whole A->Z-Series!
Greetings from myself, Leendert Zuyderduyn
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