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Willie Careri

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Title   Published Likes
Make It Our Own P Jun '17 19
Quixotic P Dec '16 22
Sonic Playground P Sep '16 15
Watts the Secret of Life? P Apr '16 41
Date Night P Dec '15 38
Above and Beyond 2.0 P Oct '15 12
For3ver P Sep '15 37
Above and Beyond 1.0 P Sep '15 19
In My Arms P Jan '15 43
Guess Who?   Dec '14 21
Flash   Dec '14 4
👫 Duet 👫   Oct '14 36
Winnie the Pooh P Apr '14 69
Westfall Salute P Apr '14 0
MML... P Dec '13 13
Pay it Forward P Dec '13 18
♥ One Year ♥ P Sep '13 53
Abandonment to Impulse P Aug '13 15
♀ Sadie Hawkins Dance ♀ P Jun '13 24
Looking for Alaska P May '13 20
♥ Sometimes... P May '13 27
Heroes Get Remembered... P Apr '13 19
Requiem:Mass for the Dead P Mar '13 16
The Fault in our Stars P Mar '13 20
She's Always There... P Mar '13 14
Assassin's Creed P Mar '13 7
Black September P Mar '13 34
South(w)ind Tribute P Feb '13 5
What the Tuba?! P Jan '13 21
The Dictator P Jan '13 13

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1. Atlantic Coast Championships 2013
2. My Drum Corps transformation. Thanks Jersey Surf!
3. We're goofballs and like to adventure