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Hi! I march snare drum in my high school's Marching Band/Winter Percussion Ensemble. Thanks for checking out my account

What I look for while judging a show

-Aesthetic appeal
-Consistent movement/flow
-Complex drill (by my standards at least)
-No collisions (happens more often than you think and I think it's lazy)
-Show don't tell
-A theme
-Attention to detail
-I give extra points if parts of the design tie in with the show theme

But that's just what I look for. Everyone has their own preferences and ideas for show design. I'm not saying your show is bad if it doesn't have (some of) these, these are just suggestions that I look for

Favorite corps are Carolina Crown and Cavaliers

I'm still pretty new to this website, but everyone here has been really cool on forums, and feedback from my shows

Thank you <3
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