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I'm always open to criticism for my shows


Avid DCI and WGI follower (favorite corps is Cavaliers)


Here are some things I look for when judging:

- A theme that is made present in the show, either with design (uniforms, flags, props, etc) or drill (like if a show about the ocean has a set that looks like a boat, or a show about space has a set that looks like a star). If you don't have a premium membership, and are unable to customize flags and have props and stuff, I won't hold that against you.

- Transitions between sets having a good, consistent flow, which means not randomly slowing down or speeding up. It also means marchers not going back and fourth unnecessarily.

- A REALLY big thing to watch out for are marchers colliding into each other. I know how repetitive it is, but 90% of the time, collisions could be easily avoided by adding an extra set in between and having marchers go around each other. It's really hard to explain how to prevent collisions without going off on a tangent, but there are videos and shows explaining how. If I see a collision in a show, that tells me that the show wasn't checked properly, or was lazily put together. I only excuse collisions if the group is called the Phantom Regiment (just kidding)

- Make sure that all sections are moving at the same time, not only some sections are moving, and others are standing still. Exceptions are when there's an impact set, or the section is actually doing something when it's halting.

- Integrate as much as possible, especially if you got a premium membership. Use tools to your advantage, add props, customize, include animations. All of those will tell me that you put effort into designing the show. If you don't have a membership, just try your best. I don't deduct points if you don't have much to work with.

- Include impact sets. They'll be more effective if they fit the theme, I didn't see them coming and they pop out at me.

- Be somewhat realistic. Don't have props move by themselves, don't squish marchers so close together, etc.


My apologies if I came across as a snob if you were reading my judging stuff. Please note that I am just one person and my ideas are not the end-all be-all. Other people look for other things while judging a show. Don't be intimidated if you're new to this website and came across my profile. I've only been on MML for a year (and it's probably not my place to write an essay-long bio about judging :p). My first show SUUUUUCKED and I'm still nowhere near the best on this website.

Thank you :)
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