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I'm just a guy who's marched in a few places.

Sound of Long Island 1990 (DCA) (French Horn / Mellophone)
Crossmen 1991 (DCI) (Mellophone)
Crossmen 1992 (DCI) (Soprano)
Bushwackers 1997-2006 (DCA) (Mellophone, Mellophone, Drill tech, More Mellophone)
Bushwackers 2011 Webmaster/Viral Marketing
Title   Published Likes
Rolling to '87 P Feb '11 18
Music of the Night P Sep '10 45
De Slagwerker P Sep '10 7
Der Trommler P Aug '10 14
O Baterista P Aug '10 10
I Have a Love P Aug '10 21
Rising in the West...   Jul '10 5
See Me, Feel Me P Jul '10 25
Happy Days Are Here Again P Feb '10 20
Candy Cane P Dec '09 19
Cycle Around P Nov '09 12
Starstruck P Sep '09 10
Hecho a Mano P Aug '09 23
In Small Packages... P Jul '09 11
Happy Birthday. P Jul '09 17
Someone Else? P Jul '09 14
Spiral Architect P Jun '09 12
Aboriginal Dances P May '09 12
The Dance of Vengeance P May '09 24
Blue in the Face P Apr '09 10
Smell the Glove P Apr '09 15
In a Disturbing Way P Apr '09 13
Between Dark and Light P Apr '09 4
I Like Khaki Pants P Apr '09 20
Agnus Dei P Apr '09 19
Hey You Forgot Your Hats! P Mar '09 12
A New World Order P Mar '09 20
Breaking All The Rules   Mar '09 10
Size Matters?   Mar '09 10
We Put The "Micro" In...   Mar '09 8

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