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I graduated from Harrison County High School, Cynthiana, Ky, Class of 09. I was
in marching band for 6, great years. I plan on pursuing a career in music education, music composition, and music performance.


Harrison County Marching Band:

-The Rise and Fall of Rome 02
-BOA Grand Nationals -

-State of the Heart 03
-Memories Video -

-Directions 04

-FEAR 05
State Finals -

-Longshots 06
Semi Finals -
State Finals -

-The West 07
Quarterfinals -
State Finals -

-Prodege: Impressions of Beethoven 08
Semi Finals -


Best High School Shows EVER!:

Life in Technicolor
-Mercer County High 09

Beyond Perimeters
-Ronald Reagan High 03

-L.D. Bell High 07

Journey of Sheba
-Lafayette High 04

Celestial Bodies
-PLD 05

My Immortal
-PLD 07


Fav. Corps:
1.) Carolina Crown

2.) The Cavaliers

3.) Phantom Regiment

4.) The Cadets

5.) Santa Clara Vanguard


Fav. DCI Shows:

1.) Russian Christmas Music - 1987
-Santa Clara Vanguard

2.) Triple Crown - 07
-Carolina Crown

3.) We Are the Future - 00
-The Cadets

4.) The Wizard of Oz - 1986
-The Sky Ryders

5.) E=MC2 - 2013
-Carolina Crown
Title   Published Likes
It's Been Awhile   Jan '18 12
Starry Night Intro   Feb '11 1
Red Dye No. 7   Feb '11 7
Broken Dreams   Jan '11 1
A Concert   Oct '10 1
ON AIR   Sep '10 7
Gavorkna Fanfare   Sep '10 1
On Air   Sep '10 4
Into the Clouds P Aug '10 14
Amazonian Rainforest P Feb '10 16
☮ & ♥   Feb '10 3
Guard Magic   Feb '10 0
Straight   Feb '10 0
Triangles Galore   Jan '10 2
Nothing Special   Jan '10 2
Simple   Jan '10 0
Light as Cotton   Dec '09 0
Life in technicolor P Dec '09 3
Redrum P Oct '09 1
Read About Show P Oct '09 2
The Uninvited P Oct '09 1
The Rise & Fall of Rome P Aug '09 8
Center Stage   Aug '09 2
just something   Jul '09 1
Impact Corner   Jul '09 5
the beginning   Jul '09 6
!a-freaking-mazing!   Jul '09 1
Biscuits N' Gravy   Jul '09 5
bEnT   Jul '09 2
Quick & easy   Jul '09 3

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