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Hi! Welcome to my profile! I am a senior drum major from Kentucky and I love coming up with shows that are really creative and have a story to tell. I hope you enjoy some of my shows!
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The Mirror P Nov '16 17
Cell Block Tango P Nov '16 10
It was Never Love P Oct '16 16
Simple Gifts P Oct '16 19
Interstellar P Sep '16 1
Blizzard P Sep '16 3
Inferno P Sep '16 8
Fish Bowl P Aug '16 4
Oil and Heart P Aug '16 5
The Story of Esther P Jul '16 8
Excalibur P Jul '16 10
Pink! P Jul '16 6

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Mag 1 by dsmith1
A Pale Blue Dot 2 by SteveJF
Force of Nature by nkmcgh19
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