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C/O 2018 In the CCHS Titan Marching Band, Section Leader for the Mellophone/French Horn section. Fav. professional band is the Blue Devils. Just a MAJOR rookie in this community (currently a high school junor so yeah) so keep an open mind in my lack of proper band knowledge. Hope you enjoy though. :)
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Shapeless - Part 1   Apr '17 3
Idol-Pt.2 [Ninkou Latora]   Jan '17 10
"Idol" - Part 1 [Atmadja]   Oct '16 10
Lifescapes - Pt. 2 REDUX   Sep '16 4
Custom Show - Pt. 1   Jul '16 8
Lifescapes - Part 3 & 4   Jun '16 4
Lifescapes - Part 2   Jun '16 2
Lifescapes - Part 1   Jun '16 4

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