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Hey guys! If you have a Tumblr, please follow me at !
I will have pictures, videos, and any scores throughout the summer! I will also try my best to have the latest news on drum corps in the off-season and I will include some WGI and BOA as well!
Thanks again!
Title   Published Likes
Foam P Mar '18 0
The Realm Of Abstract P Mar '18 0
Phases P Jan '18 12
Woodsmen P Dec '17 9
Of Land and Sea P Nov '17 12
Prequel To The Geo World P Oct '17 14
The WAY It Goes P Aug '17 10
Iconic Push P Aug '17 9
The Flying Dutchman P Aug '17 3
Crystal Silence (2&3 mov) P Aug '17 11
Crystal Silence (Opener) P Jul '17 3
GLOSS (2nd Movement) P Jul '17 8
GLOSS (Opener) P Jul '17 4
Romero The Trumpeter .Fin P Jul '17 6
Romero The Trumpeter P.2 P Jul '17 2
Romero The Trumpeter P.1 P Jul '17 8
Electric! P Jul '17 15
WORK! P Jul '17 4
A Day In Academia P Jul '17 16
Defiant Ambition P Jul '17 8
Splendor P Jul '17 10
Ironic Dissonance (re) P Jul '17 9
Take A Holiday P Mar '17 2
The City That Sleeps P Jan '17 6
The 99th "I Love You" P Jan '17 8
Kingdom Valley P Jan '17 8
En Route P Nov '16 10
Forward P Nov '16 19
Geo World VI P Nov '16 6
The Eyes Of Our Galaxy P Oct '16 9

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