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Tellesus + wheathans = cupcakes

Peace ya'll, enjoy the shows we've left, as dumb and unimportant as they may be. They were fun as heck to make
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'My Hair's Too Short!' P Feb '10 78
Sorry to 'Bug' You... P Jan '10 29
'Fowl' Play P Jan '10 46
Oppor(tuna)ty P Jan '10 47
(Cat)astrophe!   Dec '09 21
'Sigh'lent Knight   Dec '09 26
'Whale' Meet Again!   Dec '09 30

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Kinetic by tellz
Just like campers... by Matt Wasson
Divine Divinity by Connor Parrish
Mr.! by Tim Sparks
On Air by Mojo
íHola! by team pedrock
Bushdance by MylesPrower
I Need a New Hobby by pedazos
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