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2014 - The Gathering - The brass section brings a cauldron into a clearing in the woods. There, they circle around it, performing a ritual dance. One by one (through each movement), 4 spirits emerge from the cauldron and attempt to take control of the band in their own mystical way. The fifth spirit emerges from the cauldron, slamming her staff down and taking complete control of the band. At the end of the show, a flute player is sacrificed to the spirits in the cauldron.

2015 - Slow and Steady - This show follows the classic story of the tortoise and the hare... that's about it. There is a tuba feature to introduce the turtle and the entire color guard is in hare costumes.

2016 - Rise of a King - Before the show starts, the former king has died. Throughout the first movement, the king is brought to the temple to be burned. In the second movement, the entire band is searching for a new king, eventually choosing a woodwind king and a brass king. There can only be one king, so, in the third movement, the band tries to figure out how to peacefully decide who will be the next king. It is decided that the kings-to-be must duel, and a heated battle ensues. Eventually, the brass king defeats the woodwind king, and she is crowned the new king. The defeated king is carried off of the field by a tuba player.

2017 - Simple Twists - Coming soon!
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