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About Me:
I like making music on the field with friends. If you ever just want to chat about band or get some help on your shows, feel free to send me a message!

High School Marching Band Experience:
2012(Freshman) | 1st Clarinet
2013 (Sophomore) | 1st Clarinet
2014 (Junior) | Clarinet Section Leader
2015 (Senior) | Clarinet Section Leader

Indoor Drumline Experience:
2013-2014 (Sophomore) | Bass Guitar
2014-2015 (Junior) | Bass Drum 4

College Experience:
2016 (First Year) | Mellophone

DCI Experience:
2016 (18) - Jersey Surf

Top 5 Favorite Corps (not quite in this order):
1. Jersey Surf
2. Boston Crusaders
3. Crossmen
4. Phantom Regiment
5. Blue Knights

Top 4 Favorite DCI Shows:
1. Blue Knights 2014
2. Phantom Regiment 2003
3. Santa Clara Vanguard 2012
4. Boston Crusaders 2013

Top 4 Favorite MML Designers (in no particular order. Check them out!):
1. doubleaalto
2. KeenanBurton
3. LKendrick
4. Justin Altrogge
Title   Published Likes
T | E | N P Mar '17 26
Click Bait P Jan '16 35
I ate a carat   Dec '15 17
x The Crossing x   Nov '15 36
It's All Greek To Me   May '15 37
The Giving Tree   Apr '15 24
Trademark™   Mar '15 30
A Basic Show   Dec '14 30
Animal 7otem Pole   Dec '14 23
Interpolation   Nov '14 29
==Equal==   Oct '14 40
Cliffhanger   Sep '14 32
Water P Apr '14 14
Melophobia P Apr '14 44
Feelin' Blue P Feb '14 35
Dear Joe P Dec '13 38
Today on 10-19-13 P Oct '13 56
Optical Illusions P Jun '13 109
On ---- P Mar '13 56
Jack Frost... P Mar '13 22
Clariphobia P Feb '13 83
♡ Love ♡ P Feb '13 35
The Infamous P Jan '13 46
The Powerless Omelet P Dec '12 41
True Colors P Dec '12 61
The Open Seas P Dec '12 18
Heaven Unleashed P Dec '12 19
Glow P Dec '12 65
❀ Winter Bloom ❀ P Dec '12 26
Bound In Motion 3 P Nov '12 14

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Force of Nature
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Enter the Chroma
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We will build a wall!
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City of Light
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Where the Heart Is
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I [i] (eye) {aye}
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'Whale' Meet Again!
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The Incinerator
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Throwin Down
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by Adrian Caswell
DML: Block - Morphing
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The One
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>> E l a s t i c i t y <<
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by doubleaalto
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by LKendrick
Side X Side
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Art Obsession
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Too far?
by Matt Wasson
by Austin Eagle
Breaking Boundaries!
by Justin Altrogge
by hlid
Please Deposit $.25...
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by wheathans
Dusk 'Till Dawn
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The Transformation
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The Pyramids of Egypt
by Kyle Thompson
The Trap
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The Impossible Triangle
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Linear Interpolation
by Justin Altrogge
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The Blue World
by Jason Schmidt
by tellz
by KeenanBurton
by Matthew Allan
by Sauvage
'Fowl' Play
by Team Us
Siren's Serenade
by GodbyMarcher1
An Oriental Portrait
by LKendrick
by KeenanBurton
by GodbyMarcher1
Voice of Promise by walrus50
Beautiful Asymmetry by LKendrick
Half Life by LKendrick
Swirl by qpark
The Rorschach Test by LKendrick
Turandot by KeenanBurton
Under my bed by royalDM
On the Great Divide by LKendrick
Stream of Consciousness by Matthew Allan
Shades of Night by Jeffrey Koehn
When Light Fades to Gray by King Darius
Tribute by sean carter
La Bohème by walrus50
Dreamcatcher by SteveJF
Velocity 41 by sean carter
Bedhead by dhsboo
The Orange Ribbon by Jason Kaz
Burn the Witch by doubleaalto
Force of Nature by KeenanBurton
Eye of the Blue Storm by quinnly55
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I like photoshop sometimes

Right: A T-Shirt I designed that Carolina Crown is selling!

If you're interested in a t-shirt design from me for your band section shirts or anything, shoot me a message :]