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What I do to make a show is go to a random object generator and pick an object from the list generated to make a show.

What I look for is drill that could possibly be used for a marching band/ indoor group

Judged 500 shows: 4/10/2018

Shows on Main page:
"Unbound" (3-4-2018)
"Amparito Roca part 2" (4-11-2018)

Lead (4-21-2018)


Dragon classic '18 premiere prelims
"The Raindrop"
Class A Champion
10th place overall

Rivermen Marching Competition 2018
"Exam Day"
5th place Open Class
10th place overall

Dragon classic premiere '18 finals
"Exam Day"
11th place

Superior Music Publications Prelims
"Exam Day"
Best Visual
Best percussion
Best execution
2nd place Class A

New Bound II competition prelims
"Unbound" (I realize how clever this is, and no this wasn't planned)
Best Wind line
Best Guard
Best Percussion
Class A champion
12th place overall

New Bound II competition finals
"Return of the bananas"
12th place

Marching Band Battle Royal
6th place open class
8th place overall

Marching Band Battle Royal Finals Round
"La Roca"

2018 Dragon Classic II
"La Roca"
Best Guard
4th place class A
8th place overall

1st Annual Spring Throwdown
"La Roca"

Dragon Classic II finals
"...It could be a balloon"
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...It could be a balloon   1 day ago 0
Amparito Roca Closer   Apr '18 0
Amparito Roca part 2   Apr '18 0
Amparito Roca part 1   Apr '18 0
Personal Space   Mar '18 0
Return of the Bananas   Mar '18 2
Adventure on the Sea   Mar '18 0
Unbound   Mar '18 1
Exam Day   Feb '18 0
Copper   Feb '18 0
The Raindrop   Feb '18 0
Bananas   Feb '18 0
Fun with shapes   Feb '18 0
The First date   Jan '18 0
Test 1   Jan '18 0

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The Hero of Time by zj91
The Gates Part 2 by jakolsen01
Fun House by bmurnan
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