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2016 Thunder Over Kentucky Invitational Prelims:
Class 1A - 4th Place 83.85
2016 Thunder Over Kentucky Invitational Finals:
9th Place - 84.50
2016 Field of Legends Invitational:
Class 2A - 1st Place
Best Percussion
Best General Effect
Best Colorguard
2016 SoundSport Invitational Prelims:
Silver Medalist
15th Place - 75.25
2016 Investment in Excellence Prelims:
Class 2A - 1st Place
Best General Effect
Best Colorguard
Best Percussion
13th Place Overall - 68.3
2016 Investment in Excellence Finals:
9th Place - 83.1
Superior Writers Review III Prelims:
12th Place
Winter Marching Festival Prelims:
Class 3A - 1st Place
Best Colorguard
Best Percussion
Best General Effect
Best Visual Effect
4th Place Overall - 92.0
Arch Highlights II Prelims:
Class 3A - 6th Place
7th Place Overall - 81.20
Kentucky Crown All-Star Invitational:
Class 1A - 1st Place - 90.65
Best General Effect
Best Visual Effect
Best Percussion
Best Colorguard
St. Patrick's Day Invitational:
3rd Place Overall - 76.8
Proficient Captions: Creativity
Distinguished Captions: Visual Effect, Colorguard, Percussion
Inner City Spring Competition Prelims:
7th Place Overall - 81.4
Rivermen Classic:
1st Place Overall - 93.5
Outstanding Drumline
Outstanding Windline
Outstanding General Effect
Cirque de Noir Field Competition:
Class 2A - 2nd Place
Show of Excellence VI:
6th Place Overall - 84.675
Best of the West Prelims:
Class 2A - 1st Place
Best Percussion
Best Visual
6th Place Overall - 82.0
Best of the West Finals:
Best Colorguard
4th Place Overall - 75.0
Drill Writer's Review:
7th Place Overall - 90.075
MML Series Prelims:
3rd Place Overall - 87.6
MML Series Finals:
1st Place Overall - 92.5
Best Colorguard
Best Percussion
Best General Effect
Tournament of the Champions II
1st Place Overall - 92.6
Best Visual
Best Winds
Show of Excellence VII:
4th Place Overall - 84.525
MMLA Championships Prelims:
6th Place Overall
MMLA Championships Finals:
6th Place Overall - 84.635
Annual Summer Games Prelims:
Class 3A - 3rd Place - 85.40
Annual Summer Games Finals:
Class 2A - 1st Place - 92.35
Best General Effect
Best Visual Effect
Best Percussion
Best Colorguard
4th Place Overall - 92.35
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The Founding P Oct '17 5
Pierce P Oct '17 6
Ten Fifty-Two   Sep '17 5
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Crispy   Aug '17 2
Oxymoron   Aug '17 1
Contrasimplicity   Jun '17 3
Crosslands P Apr '17 16
Empyrean Ascent P Mar '17 12
*LOGIC* | ~Creativity~ P Feb '17 9
IGNiTE P Feb '17 13
Vigilante P Dec '16 3
Mystic Glacier P Dec '16 3
POLYHedron P Nov '16 6
Void P Nov '16 3
Tnmitoma P Oct '16 7
Thaw P Oct '16 2

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