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Hi, I'm Stephen Smith and I go to Ohio University and I am majoring in music education. And I'm a member of the Ohio University Marching 110. Being a member of the marching 110 has probrably been the best thing I have done in my life thus far, exspecially the viral video XD. Like most people I have hopes and dreams, I want to become a drill designer for DCI one day, I've been working hard and I have joined this website to help me channel my inner drill designer. There are many awesome drill designers on this website, and I am honored to have such great people judge, critique, and give me advice on how to improve my shows in the future. I LOVE MML!
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R.E.D. P Jun '14 18
Almost Blue P Aug '13 8
Blue and Grey P Dec '12 3
Carolina Crown 2012 Part3 P Aug '12 13
Blue and Yellow P Aug '12 3
b.l.u.e P Jul '12 9
Carolina crown 2012 Part2 P Jul '12 10
Carolina crown 2012 Part1 P Jul '12 16
Reflections Darkly P Jul '12 8
Cadets 2005 Sync P Jun '12 9
A moment of Crownity? P May '12 5
Bluecoats SYNC P Jan '12 10
Is grass greener or red ? P Jan '12 9
Blue, and Silver P Dec '11 20
Paint it Black P Nov '11 22
Green & Black P Aug '11 8
Water Works P Aug '11 8
Green's passage P Aug '11 5
Small Bands Rule! P Jun '11 6
For Royalty P Mar '11 10
RED P Mar '11 1
to the water P Feb '11 4
8...9... P Feb '11 1
love defeats all P Feb '11 1
heart of red P Feb '11 9
from P Feb '11 5
fade to black P Feb '11 0
green relationship P Feb '11 9
multi-color adventure P Jan '11 1
to enlightenment P Jan '11 2

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Marching 110 2012 at Penn State. Nothing like some step two's
A picture someone took of the 110 a homecoming, I love this picture.