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Old school preference (1970 to 1996) of style and substance - shows that entertain are at a premium, yet are in short demand in today's Drum Corps. It's probably obvious I'm a huge fan of Zingali, free form design, some symmetric elements, company fronts and taking the presentation off-axis.

I'm a fan of all Drum Corps, having watched/listened since the CYO days and if cornered would lean towards the following - with a few shows from each listed:

1) Phantom (80, 87, 89 (Le grand ripoff) 91 and 96)
2) Cadets (87 and 00 - two of the best shows ever)
3) Blue Devils (76, 80 (the soprano solos rule), 82, 89, 03)
4) North Star (are you kidding - all of em')
5) Santa Clara (82, 87, 91)
6) Bridgemen (see North Star)
7) Crossmen (79 Superman flying and 82 - Uber closer)
8) Cavaliers (95)
9) Madison Scouts (75, 81 and 96)
10) Spirit of Atlanta (see The Wailing Wall of Sound *tm*)

Evening with the Corps, State of the Art, CYO Nationals - it's all good.

Best Drum Corps year ever - 1989 - re watch the top 12 and be amazed, every corps that year was blowing hard. Reminded me of 1980 in Birmingham, where you HAD to play loud just to be heard over the fans.

Best Shows:
96 and 89 Phantom (From a New World - utterly perfect)
87 Cadets and Santa Clara (ze duel)
82 Blue Devils (first note - give it to 'em)
00 Cadets (Stonehenge - 1998 nuff said!)
95 Cavaliers (glorious)
75 Madison (absolute carnage - perfect horn line)

Title   Published Likes
The Fabulous Riverboat P Jan '10 13
Cosmos P Oct '09 10
Phantom - Harmonic Move P Sep '09 1
Snowflakes are Dancing P Sep '09 26
Thor: God of Thunder 2 P Sep '09 16
Martian Revolution   Jul '09 9
Thor: God of Thunder P Jun '09 25
"Requiem for a Dream"   Feb '09 19
"Stonehenge"   Feb '09 12
"Out of The Ashes"   Jan '09 13
'Symphony of the Night'   Jan '09 6
'Since I Fell for You'   Jan '09 6
Slaughter on 10th Avenue   Jan '09 7
A Cavalier's Season   Jan '09 6

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