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Sean Smit

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Hi there!

First things first, anything I do, say, or create is not associated with any school or corps. Moving on from that, my name is Sean Smit. I graduated from Rancho Cucamonga High School in 2008 and now currently attend UC Irvine as a Junior. I have taught Ayala, Woodbridge, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Mission Viejo, and Damien High Schools as well as Ruth Musser middle school.

This summer I'll be acting as a visual technician for the Mandarins Drum and Bugle corps.

I'm looking to learn more about drill writing, and drill moves, in order to learn how to write drill professionally.

MML Accomplishments:

Mushroom Kingdom Competition
-3rd Place

Spring Skies Competition
-1st Place
-Best Visual Effect

MML Indoor Guard Competition 2
-6th Place
-Top Formations

2009 Spring POC
-Spirit of Disney
-Best Emotional Impact
-Superior Honorable Mention

2009 MML October Regional
- Class AAAA Prelims - 2nd Place
- Class AAAA Prelims - Outstanding Overall General Effect

Seasons of Writing III
-4th Place Class AAA
-Theme Title Caption Award
-Judge's Choice Award
-Honorable Mention Class AAA

2nd Annual Turkey Classic
-High Visual Class AAAA
-3rd Place Class AAAA

MML October Regional
-2nd Place

Survivor MML: Season 3
-Best Auxilary Episode 1
-Best Visual Episode 1
-Episode 1 Champion
-Episode 2 3rd Place

Winter Wonderland
-2nd Place

2010 Spring POC
-Visual Judge
Title   Published Likes
Vines P Oct '11 21
Out of the Haze P Sep '11 3
Trouver P Sep '11 21
Captivity and Rebellion P May '11 13
Chaotica P Dec '10 12
Waves P Oct '10 22
The Silver Lining P Sep '10 14
Disney Magic P Aug '10 44
Pyramids along the Nile P Aug '10 12
~stuck~ P Jul '10 15
Don't Eat Yellow Snow! P Jun '10 24
Reflections P Jun '10 9
Returning Home   Jun '10 6
Where'd the magic go?   Jun '10 11
Keep the Ball Rolling P May '10 16
Those Flutes Can Dance! P May '10 12
-Consciousness- P Apr '10 7
A Long Time Running P Apr '10 17
2012 Phenomenon P Jan '10 23
City Life P Dec '09 7
Trombone Love Affair P Dec '09 17
War For Peace P Dec '09 11
Centennial Performance P Dec '09 25
Back to Square One P Dec '09 47
Let's Go To Prism P Dec '09 20
For Heroes P Dec '09 7
Everyone Wants a Solo P Dec '09 37
Through the Ranks P Dec '09 15
Put a Smile On P Dec '09 9
Winter Wonderland P Dec '09 1

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