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I am a member of the New Philadelphia High School Marching Quaker Band , and I love creating new ideas through the music and visual arts
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Rock Star   Mar '17 0
Back to the Basics   Feb '17 0
The Beast in the Mountain   Jan '17 2
Strung Together   Jan '17 0
Fire and Water   Apr '16 2
An Illusion of the Mind   Jan '16 3
The Power of 1   Jan '16 3
The Curvature of Autumn   Dec '15 4
Travel Through Space   Nov '14 0
The Christmas Tree   Nov '14 0
Above the Ocean Floor   Nov '14 0
illusion   Nov '14 0

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The Great City by buckleyaj
TEN by ryan5
Impulsive Impact by Jandro
Fanfare and Allegro by Jeffrey Koehn
Velocity by josh21
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