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My first ever show to make the front home page.

Highest ranked show (as of 10/23/17):

I have marched 5 years in marching band, 1 season in sound sport (Indianapolis Ignition), 1 Indoor season and 3 seasons with Cincinnati Tradition.

My Favorite Drum Corps:
Blue Devils
Cincinnati Tradition
Blue Knights
Chops Inc.

I play Baritone and Trumpet
Title   Published Likes
Primary P 9 days ago 11
Her(1) P Nov '17 8
Tr@Pp3:D P Oct '17 8
Silence P Oct '17 6
BLIƧS P Oct '17 7
Testament to the Valley P Oct '17 13
Corner of the Sky P Oct '17 10
Blank Space P Oct '17 11
Road to Yesterday P Sep '17 7
R!OT P Sep '17 5
Path of Rememberance P Sep '17 7
Path of Rememberance P Sep '17 12
Waves P Sep '17 18
Road to Yesterday P Aug '17 7
Era of Destruction P Aug '17 3
To Defy the Gods P Jul '17 7
The Main Event P Jul '17 13
Her and Him P Jul '17 6
We Are Here P Jun '17 9
Creation of Man P Jun '17 5
Historia Noctem P Jun '17 8
When Life is Gone P Jun '17 10
Enjoy the Silence P Jun '17 6
inSPIRE P Jun '17 10
Transpire P May '17 7
To Defy the Gods P May '17 5
Push P May '17 8
The Future is When? P May '17 11
Escape P May '17 4
The Legacy P May '17 9

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My first BOA I was in pit

Cincinnati Tradition 2015 brass/percussion

Cincinnati Tradition 2016 DCA champions