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I'm a freshman in high school so not much marching experience, but here goes:

2016-Time For Spring (logo)
Music included Appalachian Spring, The Promise of Living, and Simple Gifts. Very similar to Santa Clara Vanguard's 2009 show. Won 2 Grand Champions and first in our class at every competition.
Music included Salvation is Created, Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven's 7th Symphony 2nd Movement, and Little Fugue (Bach). Won first in our class at every competition, but got second place overall at every competition (crying face).

Favorite Drum Corps: The Bluecoats
Favorite Show: Downside Up
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Magic With Blocks   Feb '18 0
Under the Sea   Feb '18 0
Thunder and Lightning   Feb '18 0
Opus-Part 2   Feb '18 0
Opus-Part 1   Feb '18 0
Frenetic   Feb '18 0
Order and Chaos   Feb '18 0
The Circle Complete   Feb '18 0
Rebirth   Jan '18 0

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