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I am marching with the Reading Buccnears Drum and Bugle Corps and WGI finalist Q winter guard... I love elephants and color guard and I love food
Title   Published Likes
A Dream of Color P Jan '17 10
The Sky Above... P Oct '16 17
Out side of the box P Oct '16 11
The Dark Oblivion P Jun '16 6
Starry Night P Jun '16 11
Caged Pt 1 P Mar '16 7
The Dead Oak Tree P Feb '16 7
Frozen In Time P Dec '15 9
Love in Black and White P Dec '15 7
Confidential Part 1 P Nov '15 9
Into The Tide P Nov '15 8
Black And White Part 1 P Oct '15 13
Blue Ascension... P Aug '15 14
Angels Vs Demons Part 2 P Apr '14 9
Heaven & Hell Pt 1 P Jan '13 3
Adventure Of The Tiger P Jan '13 1
Into the Blue Pt 2 P Nov '12 1
In to the Blue Pt 1 P Nov '12 4
Elements P Nov '12 0
The City P Nov '12 1

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Diamonds are Forever by knaveightt
Claustrophobia by pedazos
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10,000 B.C. by pedazos
Check Mate by Connor Parrish
All The Cymbal Ladies! by marchingbeast52
Stravinsky's Dream 2 by lex1
Bloom by kitkat23
Freezer Burnt... by Justin Ekstrom
The Wrath of Erebus by Estaroyale
XtraordinarY by aicraja
Vanishing Act by MichaelAlan
Tribute to DCI 2010 by Joe Lesko
An Aerial Lesson in Love by Caperraticus
The Pit by Dave F
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