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I play alto and tenor sax, and I've marched both. Currently, I'm playing Alto in my college marching band.

When designing and judging, realistic transitions that flow well are the most important thing I look for. My dream is to eventually write drill professionally.

Top Shows:
September 2017 - "Cotton Candy" (#22)
September 2017 - "The House Always Wins" (#25)
October 2017 - "Elite" (#19)
October 2017 - "Cyclone" (#30)
Title   Published Likes
All In Your Mind P Oct '17 2
Elite P Oct '17 8
Cyclone P Oct '17 3
Nightingale P Oct '17 5
Cotton Candy P Sep '17 9
Feat of the Feet P Sep '17 3
The House Always Wins P Sep '17 9
The Jungle Fern's Groove P Aug '17 1
Converge P Aug '17 4
Survive the Flame P Oct '16 15
Renoun until Denouncement   Sep '16 0
Fall of the Monarchy   Sep '16 2
Node   Sep '16 0
Unstable Orbit   Sep '16 0
Moonshot   Sep '16 0
Isotania   Sep '16 0
Sharp Turn   Sep '16 0
Planting Firm   Sep '16 0

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