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I march for my high school band and winter guard along with the Skyliners Drum Corps. My favorite corps is Carolina Crown and my favorite winter guard is Light Brigade. I usually design winter guards and try to influence emotions and feeling into the shows
Title   Published Likes
The Luck of the Irish   Sep '17 1
90 Seconds P Mar '17 2
The Garden of Statues P Jan '17 6
Repairing the Broken City P Dec '16 9
A Winter Night P Dec '16 1
Escaping Hell P Dec '16 7
Coldest Winter P Dec '16 2
Survivor of the Plague P Dec '16 4
The Wave P Nov '16 7
The Three Ring Circus P Nov '16 6
The Chaos Effect P May '16 3
Flight P May '16 1
Behind The Prison Walls P Apr '16 3
They're Watching P Apr '16 2
Domino P Mar '16 3
ASylum P Mar '16 1
Enchanted P Mar '16 1
Big Brother is Watching P Mar '16 1
The Shadow Effect P Mar '16 2
The Great War P Feb '16 12
The Black Parade P Feb '16 5
Ms. Believer P Feb '16 0
Error P Feb '16 1
All You Need Is Love P Feb '16 0
Ghost P Feb '16 1
The Vanishing Act P Feb '16 1
Virus P Jan '16 2
This Impossible Year P Jan '16 3
The City Night. P Jan '16 1
The Fight For Life P Jan '16 1

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