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Oinky dokee

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I was a student in the Panther Creek High School marching band. Our band competed in the 2014 Boa Grand Nats with our show "The Gathering"
2015 Boa Super Regional Atlanta production "Slow and Steady".
2016 Boa Grand Nats show "TRIBAL" was awesome

Current WIP: Hands of Time

Control Time. Control Everything.
Title   Published Likes
Oni P 2 days ago 1
The Hands of Time P Dec '17 26
Canvas P Nov '17 17
Feed me P Sep '17 32
It Lies Beneath P Jun '17 10
Dojo Master P Dec '16 17
Anything but Basic P Oct '16 27
Overload P Oct '16 17
Falling Down P Sep '16 11
All-Powerful P Aug '16 22
Meltdown P Aug '16 24
Gold Fluid P Jul '16 33
Headhunter P May '16 16
Specter P May '16 14
Broken P Apr '16 14
Golden Boy P Feb '16 8
We will build a wall! P Feb '16 35
Left for Dead P Jan '16 17
Corruption P Dec '15 6
♪~45~♪   Oct '15 28
Autumn Is Here   Oct '15 5
Stop Bullying   Oct '15 8
Box   Oct '15 17
The Fallen Angel   Oct '15 11
LINE!   Oct '15 43
Flames of Torchfire Mount   Sep '15 4
I Have You Now   Sep '15 7
The Sorcerers Apprentice   Aug '15 24
The Final Battle   Jul '15 17
DML Circle-Star Rotation   Jun '15 3

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1. PCMB 2014 "The Gathering"
2. One of my favorite shows I made
3. Concept Guard Uniform for custom show "Corruption"