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17 yo. high school junior and shameless DCI fanboy

Instruments I play:
Piano - started circa November 2009, don't play it so much anymore
Trumpet - started September 2011
Trombone - started June 2016
French Horn - started December 2017

I hope to pick up Euphonium in the future, but as of now I do not have the money to buy one and no shops in the area rent them out.
Title   Published Likes
Giza P Dec '17 4
Some Hard Drill P Jul '17 3
Mirror Image P Feb '17 3
Nightlyfe P Feb '17 4
Daydreams P Jan '17 11
Aquatic P Jun '16 15
Interstellar P Jun '16 10
Sweet! P May '16 10
Spin Cycle P Apr '16 4
All You Need Is Love P Apr '16 4
Caged Birds P Apr '16 3
From Darkness to Light P Apr '16 12
Flamin' Hot P Mar '16 17
Entombed P Mar '16 0
To Space!   Mar '16 5
Astrological Signs   Mar '16 4
Trumpet Transmutation   Feb '16 6
Fireflies   Feb '16 4
Sandstorm   Feb '16 1
Totally Tubular!   Feb '16 1
Inferno   Feb '16 1
Whatever   Feb '16 5
Block Bending   Feb '16 5
Weather Report   Feb '16 0
About Time   Feb '16 1
Shapeshifting   Jan '16 2
Circles and Blocks   Jan '16 8
Meltdown   Jan '16 0
Impossible To March   Jan '16 0
Test   Jan '16 0

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