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Hey Im myles and im about as Hyper as they get but at the same time im really cool and everyone loves me. I have many friends who i am glad to have, they are by me for everything, i love music, and when i say love music, i mean LOVE music, it is my life. i play trumpet, i've been playing it for 9 years, i also can somewhat play Gituar, Drums, And you dont want to hear me play clarinet your ears might bleed. I like techno, screamo, Heavy Metal, and country (Yes im a cowboy i love country LOL JK). but anyway im in the Barnegat High School Marching Bangels and i cant wait for our 2010 show West Side Story. also I did independent point boro winter guard, it is a very fun experience to go through, plus to get to run around a football field with sabers, rilfes, and flags and hopfuly hit people with them (BOOYA! THATS THE BEST PART JK). So yea im the coolest person to hang out with and everyone loves me because of it...Wait let me fix that, a remote part of people love me because of it so yea...IM THE COOLEST. Wait i have more come back to your computer and finsh reading this. i for got to mention that i love ramen and you should go get me some because im amazimg like that. Do you like foxes i love foxes when i have my own place to live im going to get a fox and it is going to live with me and be my bestest friend EVER...and his name will be maki cuz that name is just fucking amazimg. :) ok im done for now intill i have more still to talk favorite band has to be my own...were just that good...and i love all my guardies..they are my bfffffs forever
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