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Clarinet Music Education major at James Madison University. I'm a proud member of Virginia's Finest, The James Madison University Marching Royal Dukes. Clarinet is my primary, trumpet is secondary, and alto sax tertiary. Recently switched to the Trumpets in the MRDs to experience a different type of playing for future use in the classroom so I have a good knowledge of brass techniques. Also a member of the Jersey Surf 2016 Trumpet Line!
Title   Published Likes
Transformations   8 days ago 0
Origins   Jan '18 0
End Game   Dec '17 1
Requiem p.3   Sep '17 2
Requiem p.2   Sep '17 2
Requiem   Sep '17 4
Wave of Sound   May '17 4
UnNamed   Apr '17 1
Flow   Apr '17 0
Perihelion   Mar '17 3
The Eye of the Storm   Dec '16 0
Flight   Dec '16 2
Interstellar   Nov '16 2
Into Darkness   Nov '16 15
Infinity   Nov '16 4
Rotation (Another One)   Nov '16 3
For the love of Music p.3   Nov '16 1
For the love of Music p.2   Nov '16 6
For the love of the Music   Oct '16 6
Get it? Cuz Water   Oct '16 2
Unknown   Oct '16 1
Balance   Oct '16 2
It's Just Natural   Oct '16 4
Omega   Oct '16 6
MYNWA   Oct '16 1
The Key to the Heart   Oct '16 4
Free Flowing   Sep '16 8
Flow   Sep '16 5
Crocodile Rock pt. 1   Feb '16 3
Expedition   Feb '16 3

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